Our Mission

Our mission is to improve lives in the developing world through increased access to sustainable energy and related services. We believe that technology can be a profound driver of positive impact, and we work closely with early stage entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into market-based solutions.

Team Members

Morgan DeFoort

Managing Principal
Dr. Morgan DeFoort is the co-founder and Managing Principal of Factor[e] ...

Tim Sherwood

Tim Sherwood is a Principal at Factor[e] Ventures. Tim’s primary responsibi...

Seth Silverman

Seth Silverman seeks tractable solutions to knotty problems and is passionate ...

Faith Chege

Faith Chege is the East African Venture Associate at FACTOR[e] Ventures. She is ...

Jamie Doyen

Director of Finance
Jamie Doyen is the Director of Finance at Factor[e] Ventures. Jamie’s primary ...

Amanda DelCore

Amanda is an Associate at FACTOR[e] Ventures. She applies her scientific ...

Tom Decker

Tom Decker is an environmental and mechanical engineer providing technical ...

Board of Directors

Mark Loch Factor[e] Board of Directors

Mark Loch

Board Member
Mark Loch is a Director Emeritus at McKinsey and Company where he helped ...

Pradeep Pursnani

Board Member
Pradeep Pursnani is the Deputy Director, Chief Operating Officer at Shell ...

Bryan Willson

Board Member
Dr. Bryan Willson is a professor of mechanical engineering and Director of ...

Factor[e] Advisory Board

Kelsey Lynn Skinner - Factor[e] Board of Directors

Kelsey Lynn-Skinner

Board Member
Kelsey Lynn-Skinner, Partner and Director of Tech Ventures at Touchstone ...
Samir - Factor[e] Board of Directors

Samir Shah

Board Member
Samir Shah, Director of Sattva Investment Fund, has worked in global financial ...
Rex O'Neal - Factor[e] Board of Directors

Rex O'Neal

Board Member
Rex O'Neal is a corporate lawyer and Partner at Sage Law Group, specializing in ...

The Challenge

Energy is critical to sustainable development; it affects all aspects of life including health, education, income generation and community services, yet approximately one third of the world’s population lacks access to this fundamental resource. Every day, critical thinkers around the world are exploring business ideas to tackle this challenge but face an uphill struggle to bring these concepts to market, as investing in new, unproven technologies carries high risk and very often little support in underdeveloped markets.

1.1 billion

people live without electricity

2.4 billion

people lack access to basic sanitation

Over 90%

of urban air pollution in emerging markets can be attributed to vehicle emissions

Over half

of the world's 500 million small holder farmers lack access to modern energy solutions

Why Northern Colorado?

A Unique Environment.

Stretching from Denver to Fort Collins, Northern Colorado has become a destination hub for entrepreneurs and technology centric ventures. Starting in 1960, Colorado State University (CSU) in Fort Collins was contracted to perform a feasibility study for John F. Kennedy’s idea for an international service organization, from which the idea of the U.S. Peace Corp was created. Learn More

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