Amanda is an Associate at FACTOR[e] Ventures. She applies her scientific background and experience with a wide array of technologies to perform due diligence, advance internal projects, and provide technical services for portfolio companies. Defying the laws of physics, Amanda realizes an endless source of energy to work on projects that seek to mutually satisfy environmental and economic considerations for markets that would experience significant positive impacts as a result. Amanda enjoys drilling down into the gritty deals of how a technology works as well as considering the bigger picture, which necessarily includes human behavior and socio-economic factors.

Previously, Amanda worked as an environmental consultant for a multi-national organization where she consistently worked in the power, agricultural, and pharmaceutical sectors. Amanda obtained a B.A. in Physics, a Mechatronics Minor in Engineering, and a graduate degree in Sustainable Engineering with a power systems focus from Villanova University. In the last five years, Amanda has spent a considerable amount of time designing and installing both stand-alone and grid-tied small home solar systems, developing an appropriate headlamp solution for rural medical attendees in developing communities, and working with IEEE to make advances in open-source hardware.

Amanda prefers cycling over walking and driving. She has been known to spend many a vacation exploring by bicycle, and conducts bikepacking clinics for beginners. Amanda enjoys swimming, perfecting select recipes, and traveling.