Mark Loch is a Director Emeritus at McKinsey and Company where he helped pioneer and lead the development of McKinsey’s Pan-African practice for 10 years, living in Cape Town, South Africa. He also worked extensively in Latin American and Asian emerging markets during his 26 years with McKinsey. Mark is the Founder and Managing Director of Highland Ventures Group, LLC; focused on investing in and providing business development advisory support to early stage companies and high potential growth enterprises in the rapidly evolving sustainable energy, water, and food/ag sectors. Mark is also an Operating Partner at Blackhorn Ventures; focused on non-concessionary seed investments in disruptive innovations at the intersection of technology and resource efficiency. Mark also serves as a Director in Residence at Redstone Strategy Group where he supports philanthropic and non-profit organizations developing blended capital funding and investment strategies in the energy, water, and food/ag sectors.

Mark holds a bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree with an emphasis on energy systems from the Georgia Institute of Technology and an MBA from the Harvard Business School.