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Innovating Impact.

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Y Combinator | Apr 23, 2020

How to Hire

Sam Altman | Apr 23, 2020

Debt Financing Primer

Belle Raab | Jul 02, 2020


Board Deck Template

Investor Update Template

New Employee Onboarding Checklist Template

Case Study Template

Employee Handbook Template

Pitch Deck Template

Investor Pipeline Template

In-Kind Services

Pitch Coaching

Industrial Design

Branding Assistance


Transforming Sales in the Emerging Markets

How to build an effective company culture

How to structure and raise debt financing

How to win and administer grants

Service Providers

Industrial Design Software & Training Support

Pitch Coaching

Executive Coaching

Sales Consultancy


Factor[e] Forum

A place to connect and leverage
knowledge from across the portfolio.

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Revolving Door Pitch Practices

Fundraising Story Workshops


3 September

CEO Cluster Session – “What’s Required to Raise Your Series A?” (Entrepreneur Perspective)

17 September

Webinar – “What’s Required to Raise Your Series A?” (Investor Perspective)

30 September

Peer Pitch Session #2


1 October

Peer Pitch Session #2

6 October

Factor[e] Portfolio Pitch Day

7 October

Venture + Investor One-on-Ones


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