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S4S Technologies

Investment Announcement

Factor[e] Ventures Provides Follow-on Funding to S4S Technologies in a USD1.75 Million Pre-Series A Round

| Nov 13, 2020

Factor[e] Ventures first invested in S4S Technologies during their seed round in December of 2018....



Factor[e] contributes engineering and industrial design expertise to demonstrate a cost-effective way to disinfect personal protective equipment in Kenya

Belle Raab | Nov 19, 2020

Factor[e] Ventures exists to create positive impact in emerging markets. Under typical circumstances, this means...

Rural Electrification

Thought Piece

Looking Beyond Appliances: Systemic Barriers to Minigrid Demand Stimulation

Jit Bhattacharya - Factor[e] Principal | Sep 24, 2020

Factor[e] Ventures is an early-stage venture builder focused on technology investments in energy access, agriculture,...


A Conversation With Factor[e] Ventures’ Industrial Design Lead Jordan Westerberg

Paul Sohi - Autodesk | Sep 23, 2020

The original article can be found on the Autodesk website. Author: Paul Sohi Freelance designers:...

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Network News

The Rockefeller Foundation Commits USD1 billion to Catalyze a Green Recovery from Pandemic

| Oct 26, 2020

Driving public-private investment, transformative solutions, and a more inclusive, sustainable future Launching next chapter for...


Portfolio News

Crofarm’s Otipy Raises $1M in Funding from Inflection Point Ventures

Belle Raab | Aug 25, 2020

Portfolio Company, Crofarm, made a pivot to enter the B2B2C space with its social commerce...

Alex Eaton

Portfolio News Celebrates 10 Years of Creating Impact

Belle Raab | Aug 17, 2020

 "We go forth with a simple truth that humans can thrive within our ecosystems and...

Odyssey Energy Solutions

Portfolio News

Boulder-based Odyssey Energy wins Keeling Curve Prize

Belle Raab | Jul 27, 2020

  We celebrate the achievement of our portfolio company Odyssey Energy Solutions who won the...


Portfolio News

60Hertz deploys its mobile O&M software – equipped with new language capabilities – to Africa and Southeast Asia

Homer Microgrid News | Jul 27, 2020

60Hertz isn’t resting on the early success of its mobile app designed to improve operations...

Clean Crop Technologies

Investment Announcement

Factor[e] Invests in Clean Crop Technologies’ Next Generation Solution for Food Waste & Crop Loss

Belle Raab | Jun 08, 2020

We’re excited to announce our seed investment in Clean Crop Technologies. Press release can be found here....


Silver Linings From the Factor[e] Portfolio

| May 15, 2020

The outbreak of COVID-19 has left no industry unaffected and we have been sobered by...

Article - Next Billion

The Clock is Ticking on Energy Access: Exploring Factor[e] Ventures’ Big Bet on Mini-Grids

Amanda DelCore | Mar 06, 2020

Since 2010, the number of people without energy access has decreased from almost 1.2 billion...

Jit Bhattacharya

Hiring Announcement

Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Joins Impact Investing Firm Factor[e] Ventures

Belle Raab | Nov 19, 2019

Jit Bhattacharya to lead investments into energy and mobility solutions in the emerging markets. Press...

Investment Announcement

60Hertz Raises Seed Funding from Impact Investor Factor[e] Ventures

| Sep 27, 2019

We’re thrilled to announce another addition to our portfolio of microgrid technology companies that are...


Redesigning S4S’ Solar Conduction Dryer to Further Empower Rural Farmers in India

Jordan Westerberg | Aug 06, 2019

Recently Factor[e] and portfolio company S4S Technologies took on the challenge of redesigning their patented...


Impact Metrics… Strategy or Storytelling?

Morgan DeFoort | Jul 30, 2019

As early-stage impact investors, we at Factor[e] Ventures are often asked how we measure an investment’s impact....


Factor[e] Co-hosted Impactful Investor Forum in Kenya

| Apr 23, 2019

Factor[e] Ventures recently co-hosted an Investor Forum in Nairobi, Kenya alongside EEP Africa and the...

Research Insights

Income Generating Appliances Study: Results and Video

Amanda DelCore | Jan 10, 2019

Powering income generating appliances with high-penetration renewable energy systems is not straightforward. To tackle this...

Research Insights

Solar Water Pump Market Sizing with Apollo Agriculture

| Dec 13, 2018

With the help of our portfolio company, Apollo Agriculture, we recently developed research methods to study...

Factor[e] Field Trip: Hands-On Look at Pump Applications

| Dec 10, 2018

Getting our hands dirty is fundamental to work at Factor[e]. We find immense benefit in,...