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The State of the Sector: On Productive Partnerships and Leveraging Unique Resources toward a Global Climate Transition

Factor[e] Ventures | Jul 06, 2023

“If we want to reach SDG 7, in Africa alone, you need around $69B. That...


Thinking Outside the Ice-box: The Opportunity to Combat Food Waste in Sub-Saharan Africa with a Single Point of Dehydration

Factor[e] Ventures | Apr 26, 2023

  Cold chain infrastructure for agricultural produce still has a long way to go in...


The State of the Sector: On Gender and Water Access in Africa

Factor[e] Ventures | Dec 05, 2022

"In emerging markets like Sub-Saharan Africa, where over 60% of the population are smallholder farmers,...


Integrated Utilities: An Opportunity to Tackle Large-Scale Urban Poverty in Africa

Factor[e] Ventures | Sep 22, 2022

In this report, Factor[e] details our exploration of the economic viability of integrating utilities into...

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Income Generating Appliances: Data Collection and Research

| Feb 21, 2018

In an earlier blog post, we indicated that powering income generating appliances with high-penetration renewable energy...

Looking for Sanitation Innovation? Urine Luck!

| Feb 15, 2018

Today, 2.4 billion people around the world lack access to improved sanitation services and over...

A Simple Machine Changes Lives of Farmers in Rural Maharashtra!

| Oct 09, 2017

By: Atreya Pal “Ten years ago, I could not even believe that I would be an...

Waste-to-Value Pilot for Livelihood Improvement in Gujarat

| Oct 09, 2017

Waste-to-Value Pilot for Livelihood Improvement in Gujarat in Partnership with Tata Trusts and Factor[e] Ventures...

The Problem with Productive Use Appliances

| Oct 09, 2017

*For an update on what we’re doing in this area, please see this post.* “The minigrid...

Crofarm Factor[e] Ventures

Factor[e] Ventures and Crofarm Announces Partnership!

| Sep 27, 2017

Factor[e] Ventures is excited to announce our first Indian investment with agriculture technology firm, Crofarm....

Preserving Produce: Factor[e] Presents ColdHubs

| Sep 13, 2016

Factor[e] Ventures welcomes another promising company to its portfolio. ColdHubs founder Nnaemeka Ikegwuonu’s foray into...

Portfolio News

Redavia Achieves Financial Milestone

| Sep 13, 2016

Efforts to bring low-cost energy to some of Africa’s poorest countries just got a major...

SparkMeter Ups Impact Potential Through Mobile Money Integration

| Sep 13, 2016

Factor[e] portfolio company, SparkMeter, offers a metering solution to energy providers in underserved markets. We welcomed...

No Wasted Opportunities: Factor[e] Presents Sistema Biobolsa

| Sep 13, 2016

Factor[e] Ventures is excited to announce investment in a new portfolio company. Meet Alexander Eaton...

Factor[e] Opinion

Rural electrification: Time to get messy?

| Sep 13, 2016

The story goes that Franklin D Roosevelt first took an interest in rural electrification while...

Factor[e] Hosts New Portfolio Companies For Venture Bootcamp

| Mar 08, 2016

FACTOR[e] recently welcomed our two new portfolio companies ColdHubs and Sistema Biobolsa to Fort Collins for our venture bootcamp,...

Factor[e] Sponsors the 2015 Northeast Regional USA Engineers Without Borders Conference

| Nov 13, 2015

FACTOR[e]’s Graduate Assistant, Tom Decker recently co-coordinated his alma mater’s Engineers Without Borders (EWB) USA...

Jason Prapas discusses investing in social technology ventures at the MIT Tata Center Symposium

| Oct 06, 2015

I had the pleasure of participating in the MIT Tata Center Symposium last week. This...

Factor[e] Presents at the BASE Forum International Conference in Mexico City

| Jun 14, 2015

FACTOR[e]’s Jason Prapas and Rahul Barua recently had the opportunity to attend and present at...

Factor[e]’s Jason Prapas presents at the 2nd Annual BoP Global Network Summit in Burlington, Vermont

| Jun 10, 2015

FACTOR[e]’s Chief Technology Officer, Jason Prapas attended the 2nd Annual BoP Global Network Summit in...