Celebrates 10 Years of Creating Impact

 “We go forth with a simple truth that humans can thrive within our ecosystems and must. We know this to be true because we have seen it in ten thousand farmyards.”

– Alex Eaton, CEO of Impact


Congrats to the team for reaching 10 years of creating impact and here’s to many more!

Factor[e] Ventures invested in in 2016 because we were drawn to the scalable impact their modular biodigester package could provide to farmers globally. They now have installed over 12k biodigesters on farms around the globe which have treated over 10M tons of waste and mitigated over 160k tons of CO2. We are proud of the way this team has adapted and grown over the years while always keeping a people-first approach to building their business.

You can read about CEO’s reflection on reaching the 10-year milestone in his recent blog post and testimonials from their farmers and team members in their “10 years, 10 voices” series on their website.