We are seed-stage technology venture specialists.

We are a venture development firm with a mission to improve lives in the developing world through increased access to sustainable energy and related services. We support early stage entrepreneurs through a unique blend of risk capital and world-class technical resources. We find, validate, fund, de-risk, and grow a rich pipeline of social ventures that aim to solve profound global problems.

How We Work

  • We make thesis-driven investments
    • We landscape and understand a “space” and the true technical and economic drivers before we invest
    • We interview 100% of ventures in a space before we invest
    • We create our own ventures based on unparalleled opportunities we uncover during thesis development
  • We’re incredibly hands-on
    • We spend 1000’s of hours with our companies
    • We act as part of the team with co-founder like involvement
    • We provide individualized, one-on-one company engagement and support
  • Our team has deep experience in both technology & venture creation
    • We focus on techno-economic analysis (TEA) to drive our investment decision making
    • We help teams solve technical problems at a detailed level
    • We assist with design for manufacturing, cost reduction, scaleability, etc.
    • We help teams avoid making common start-up mistakes
  • We are obsessively focused on execution
    • We believe that the most common reason new ventures fail is not because of the technology or market risks, but instead the lack of execution
    • We develop strategic milestones with entrepreneurs and hold teams accountable for their performance against goals
    • We help teams adapt to challenges; we don’t wait for an annual report to react
    • We have tools, processes, and applied experience to help our ventures be better at execution
  • We have a unique process based on sustained engagement
    • We stay with our companies through multiple rounds of funding
    • We meter our advisory services to avoid the “fire hose” drinking found in most accelerators
    • We’re not an accelerator or incubator, we are not cohort driven

Need more detail?

Visit our resources section to download our deal docs and other information.

Our Process

01. Analyze
We monitor market challenges and needs, constantly evaluating potential barriers and risks to energy innovation in developing markets.
02. Seek
We seek out brilliant ideas and promising entrepreneurs that have the potential to solve global energy problems.
03. Fund
We provide these entrepreneurs with risk capital and resources to support the development of their technologies.
04. Co-Develop
Working collaboratively, we roll up our sleeves and partner through an iterative process of development, testing and validation to reduce technology risk.
05. Connect
We leverage our network and resources to connect entrepreneurs to potential funders and help build a strong investment case.

How We Fund

At Factor[e] we fund a small number of early companies that we think will change the world for the better. We look for companies that have both a path to financial sustainability and a solution that will positively affect millions of people.
We specifically seek out companies that have solutions applicable for developing economies, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa, India, South Asia and Latin America, but we don't mind if a company has additional business prospects in developed markets. Usually the companies we fund are very early stage, but occasionally we will work with more mature companies to help them pivot from developed markets into developing ones.
Since our portfolio companies are typically very early stage, we have adopted a “high touch” model among our team of experts in order to guide, coach and mentor our portfolio companies. We promise to do everything we can to help the entrepreneurs we work with be successful over a long term engagement that typically lasts a couple years.
We usually make our investment as equity, but are comfortable with convertible debt if it's too early for a valuation and there's a pathway to a priced round in a reasonable timeframe. We're often the first investor to put money into a deal, but we're happy to work with others and can lead or follow in a round.
Most of our companies have an innovative technology at the core of their solution. We are scientists, engineers and technologists at heart; so we're happy to take on technology risk that might scare away other investors. We hope that most of the questions and risk around the technology will be addressed over the course of our investment.
Our definition of success is that our portfolio companies become sustainable, viable enterprises in their chosen fields. Factor[e]’s portfolio companies are renowned for their maturity and professional manner. Factor[e] promotes regular board meetings, organized corporate governance, and real financials. It’s that attention to detail, and the focus on developing the whole company solution, that sets Factor[e] apart.