Factor[e] Sponsors the 2015 Northeast Regional USA Engineers Without Borders Conference

FACTOR[e]’s Graduate Assistant, Tom Decker recently co-coordinated his alma mater’s Engineers Without Borders (EWB) USA Northeast Conference in Syracuse, New York. The conference brought together over 300 students and professionals on the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry’s campus to learn, network, and share ideas related to domestic and international engineering in low resource environments. The conference included a wide range of plenary and breakout sessions related to water, energy, hygiene, civil infrastructure, project management, community assessment, personal development, and many other topics.

FACTOR[e] sponsored a micro-hydroelectric workshop that took attendees to three active hydro sites in upstate New York for a demonstration on the technology. In areas with accessible water flow and elevation change, micro-hydro systems can be an appropriate and affordable way to provide power. Such is the case in many parts of New York and the developing world. Throughout the weekend, attendees were able to attend a lecture and network with FACTOR[e]’s portfolio company, Village Industrial Power (VIP). VIP founders, Carl Bielenberg and Felicity Lodge were on hand to share stories and provide words of wisdom to future energy entrepreneurs.

The conference was a success and provided a great deal of networking for those looking to continue their career paths in sustainable engineering.